Making Dreams Come True

At a young age, Bruce Halle knew the definition of hard work. He was a proud Marine who served in the Korean War. Mr. Halle established a simple business philosophy: treat others how you want to be treated; always give the customer a good deal; surprise the customer with unexpected benefits; build your customer base through word of mouth; and have fun. Over the years, Mr. Halle built the largest and most recognized tire store in the country, but never lost sight of his early years in the bays as a Tire Technician.


We Do This Together

Every day, we honor Mr. Halle's legacy and his 5 Life Lessons: Be Honest, Work Hard, Have Fun, Be Grateful, and Pay it Forward. It explains why veterans thrive in our environment: you understand the importance of having each other's back and value mentorship, dependability, and integrity. Through our defined career path, we will do everything we can to highlight your strengths and help you grow.



Lived Through Action and Behaviors

  • Integrity
  • Our people
  • Our customers
  • Growth
  • Attitude

Our IOOGA values greatly influence our culture and how we do business. They remind us to always take care of one another, not just as customers and team members but as friends and family. These values represent who our people are—generous team players—and what they believe in—thinking collectively and helping people in a tangible way.



We Couldn't Be Prouder of Our People

Their early military careers have trained them to focus on the next mission and adapt to changing circumstances. Today, they experience teamwork in an entirely new way: the Discount Tire way.

Jessica Hayes
“In the army, we have a responsibility to look out for one another. It is instilled in us. Discount Tire has a culture that echoes the values that we have in the military. It was a relief to join a team where my military career doesn’t make me stand apart but actually helps me fit in. Discount Tire felt like a new family as soon as I joined the team. It really goes beyond tires!”
Eric Eckel
“After transitioning out of the Marine Corps, I started working in the Stores as a Tire Technician. Working in the back had the same feeling of being in my squad. We were working hard, having fun, and ensuring we took care of each other and the customers. Having served in combat, you know how essential great leadership is. I knew going into a company built by a Marine would allow me to keep growing and feel valuable. Discount Tire makes me feel proud and valued.”

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